The Ray Dietrich


The Rio Grande Region newsletter is called The Ray Dietrich.  Most Classic Car enthusiasts know that Ray Dietrich was one of the very best automobile designers of the Classic era.  He was especially known for designing custom bodies for the rich and famous.  His designs were just beautiful and appeared on all the great chassis of the era, especially Packards and Lincolns. 

Where did our region get the idea of using the name of one of the greatest Classic era designers for our little newsletter?  Well, Ray Dietrich and his wife Marion spent the last years of their lives retired in Albuquerque.  The were quite involved with our Classic Car Club Region and befriended many of our founding members.  It is out of respect for Ray that we chose to memorialize him through our newsletter.

Click on the links below for pdf versions of our recent Ray Dietrich newsletter, put together by our editor David Fields:

The Ray Dietrich, April 2015

The Ray Dietrich, December 2014

The Ray Dietrich, September 2014

The Ray Dietrich, February 2014

The Ray Dietrich, November 2013

The Ray Dietrich September 2013

The Ray Dietrich June 2013

The Ray Dietrich March 2013

 The Ray Dietrich, January 2013

The Ray Dietrich, Fall 2012

The Ray Dietrich, Summer 2012

The Ray Dietrich Spring 2012

The Ray Dietrich Winter 2012